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Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl 5k Race Recap

Yesterday I participated in the Superbowl 5k in Novi.  I really hate 5k's (because they hurt a lot) but I wanted to do it to see if I have improved at all with my running since the Kayla O'Mara Memorial Race in August.

The shirts were a really cool design (just white tech shirts instead of black, design as seen above) and we got a sweet Mizuno cap as age group awards.  All finishers received  a pint glass and the post race junk food was right up my alley-hot dogs, meatballs, brownies and cookies. 

The course was slightly challenging, it had a few small hills that kind of made you work extra hard to keep up your pace while going up.  The last mile proved to be kind of challenging because the hill went up for a long time and very gradually.  It was the kind of hill that makes your legs burn, your pace drop and you can't really figure out why!

The course was also an out and back which I happen to like. 

I couldn't really ask for more regarding my race.  Last week I ran more miles than I ever have and ended the week with a 5k.  My legs were pretty tired the Friday before the race so I knew it would not be a spectacular race, yet I managed to squeak out a PR (my PR is not very impressive to begin with haha!) and see a lot of good friends.

Erin won the race with an 18:33.  I think the winning male won with a 15:55 or something crazy like that. 

Overall a good race located right off of the highway which made for a fast and easy drive!  It was a big 5k, with nearly 2,000 participants.  Congrats 5kers!