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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Triathlon Humor

I saw this article today on my Facebook feed and it made me laugh.  Enjoy!

By Dr. Mitchell Greene
Instory LabA frustrated triathlete told me that the best advice I ever gave him was the off-handed, tongue-in-cheek suggestion that he purposefully swim slower in his next race to try and ensure that less people will pass him on the bike. Thankfully, he didn’t take my advice to heart, but my recommendation turned out to help him with a more important problem than his slow bike time – he had lost his sense of humor. Thus is the inspiration of the following sarcastic tips. 
Just to be clear, the rule when reading these is to do the opposite of whatever the tip advises. Keep your wits about you and remember why you have chosen to compete in triathlon in the first place.

1)      Wait till race morning to pack your tri bag. Pre-dawn sprints from the clothes line in your basement to the tri bag in your bedroom result in a natural and refreshing adrenaline high.
2)      If you are new to triathlon, don’t bother practicing in open water prior to your race. The water is apt to be dank, dark and cold, and trying it out before race day will spoil the surprise. Stick to pool training and maximize the chances that you will get to meet a few friendly kayakers and give them something useful to do.
3)      Since you already know how to bike—you learned at age 8—it is fine to borrow your neighbor’s tri bike a week before the race. After all, if you haven’t used clipless pedals before, what’s the worst that can happen? Even if you get stuck in the clip, lose control, and crash into someone, you still get to keep the free wicking shirt they handed out at the expo.
4)      Use reverse psychology to tell yourself that you are a great runner even if it isn’t true. True triathletes say “reality be damned!” This psychological tool also applies to returning from injury. Just race as if you were never injured and didn’t miss any training time. The take-home message is that you don’t have to let reality run the show.
5)      If your legs are feeling really good as you taper for your next race, it means you should make up new race-day goals. Ignore your coach’s overly conservative advice about sticking to the original game plan. The coach obviously doesn’t realize that you are going places!
6)      Mentally approach the race as if where you finish is really important—not just to you but to the rest of us as well. It’s mostly (but not totally) self-centered to assume that this whole triathlon thing is mostly about you.   
7)      Start comparing yourself to others as soon as you get out of your car. Focus right in on how your helmet doesn’t look like a spike, how your love handles stick out from your tri suit, and how much calmer everyone else appears to be.  After all, frequent comparisons are the best way to understand why others are superior to you, and can teach you where you need to improve.
8)      Throw out those new-agey recommendations about “embracing the pain.” This season is about out-toughing the pain. When your legs are aching, create an even more painful picture in your head, like the dreadful image of your muscles ripping off the bone, so that the actual physical pain seems like nothing in comparison. Embracing the pain is for wimps!
9)      Despite what has been said about the top pros continuing to have doubts and insecurities (even during races), don’t allow yourself any such mental weaknesses. In other words, if you feel like quitting during the race, you really should. Just thinking about stopping means you need to psychologically go back to the drawing board.
10)   The best way to build confidence is to do tough workouts a few days before your race. It is worth the effort, even if your legs feel like lead on race day. Besides, if worst comes to worst, you can always claim that you trained too intensively. You’ve got yourself covered!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Goodbye Detroit Marathon

As much as I have enjoyed running lately, being injury free and looking forward to October 16th, alas the Detroit Marathon will not become a reality for me.

After several attempts at an enhanced license, miscommunication between the Secretary of State hotline and local branches, countless hours lost waiting in the SOS in between classes, I am done.  I am fed up, I am not dealing with it anymore and I am counting my losses. 


Yes a few tears were shed, as I really would like revenge on this specific course, we all know the knee story. 

With that being said, I will be running the 5k there.  I am looking for a PR for many reasons!  I will be so pissed that I am not running the marathon, I will be motivated to run faster.  My PR for the 5k happened this summer yet a HUGE side cramp happened as well during this race.  I want to see what happens if I do not cramp and if I can keep up my intended pace.

The good news is I will be signing up for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon.  My dad has agreed to accompany me this November 5th for the race. 

I am super excited to get to spend the weekend with my dad and run a course I have never seen before.  OH and I will be faster by November =)

To everyone else running Detroit, I will be there to cheer you on! 

Oh and f%^& you Detroit Marathon, I didn't want to run anyway!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bad News Bears

Luck has not been my friend lately.

I have bombed my first two tests this semester, things at work are going a tad crazy and I may not be able to run the Detroit Marathon.

Other than that?  Oh, life is okay.

Long story short, the Secretary of State would not accept the copy of my birth certificate to replace my lost enhanced ID last Friday.  I am supposed to get a new birth certificate from the courthouse.  This process may take longer than I have before the Detroit Marathon.

Procrastinate much?  Woops =/

I really want to run this race.  I need redemption.  I have trained hard, I have not slept in on a Sunday morning, I have been to Kensington Park or out in Ann Arbor at 5:30, 6 and 7 a.m. to spend the first few hours of my day running.  I have sprained ankles, missed family events and been the designated driver more times than I can count since April to work hard for this race.

I have worn through pairs of shoes, sacrificed precious Betsy time and consumed more food than a small horse.  I have permanent scars on my feet and from my sports bra.  I have worked hard to do this race. 

The denial at the SOS just pissed me off.  I said to the lady, "I need it for a marathon!  I need this ID SOON!  I have worked so hard, you DO NOT understand!"  She said, "Yes ma'am, I know..."  I told her as tears flooded my eyes, "NO YOU DO NOT," then stormed out.

Ugggghhhh, cross your fingers for me.  One way or another, I plan on running 26.2 miles at Detroit. 

To be continued...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ten Reasons I Like/Hate Running

10.  Hate-I do SO much freaking laundry
10.  Like-I LOVE things with a fresh laundry smell

9.  Hate-I hate showering (I do, I know I am gross)
9.  Like-I like smelling good myself and being sweaty forces me to shower =)

8.  Hate-I hate the way my feet look
8.  Like-I love that my feet are always in comfortable running shoes

7.  Hate-I hate getting up early in the morning and getting up super early on a Sunday is awful
7.  Like-I like that I have already had a good workout by 10 a.m. on a Sunday

6.  Hate-I hate how often I am hungry
6.  Like-I LOVE how much food I can eat and rationalize the amount that I am eating (I have lost 7 lbs. the past 2 months for a 5'2" person that is noticeable, and it has not been from lack of food)

Okay, okay, I could have a blog dedicated to how much I eat but we will save that for another day...

5.  Hate-I really am scared of premature wrinkles/skin cancer/over exposure to the sun
5.  Like-I really do like a nice little glow although I know my skin cells do not =/

4.  Hate-Bathroom issues, *ahem
4.  Like-When there are NO bathroom issues =)

3.  Hate-Sore legs and dead legs
3.  Like-Passing slower runners in races

2.  Hate-Missing out on other things because you have to make time for a long run
2.  Like-My newly found "runner muscles" in my legs!  Pictures to come...

1.  Hate-Running in general on most days

And I want to add a few pictures of my brother for good measure.  This is how I found him when I visited him a few weekends ago...

Hahaha!  Enjoy the rest of the week =)

Why do you like/hate to run? 

Notice I never said I love it because, I don't actually love it.  I am learning to deal with it.  It is a very necessary part of triathlon and I love Betsy.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

20 Miles and Mimosas

This weekend started off with some work...

and other things like a few runs and some tailgating.

Now when I say tailgating, I do not mean getting ridiculously drunk at 8 a.m. and slobbering and puking all over the grassy golf course or school parking lot.  I mean running down to the site of where my friends are doing that and stealing their hot dogs and hamburgers off of the grill and indulging in one beer or a mimosa. 

Mimosas are the perfect morning/early afternoon excuse to drink.

I did drink a few of these prior to tailgating. 

Unfortunately Notre Dame lost to University of Michigan yesterday.  I am NOT a Michigan fan at all for a few reasons I will not disclose.  I however do like the Florida Gators (you HAVE to when your boyfriend is alumni) and The Buckeyes.  I like Georgia only because of Uga.

This late afternoon/evening concluded my first 20 mile run of marathon training.  Colin slowed his pace wayyy down to run 10 slow miles with me.  I followed him to the track to run 4 more and then set out on my own 6 mile route.

Mile 5 of the run my left ankle practically turned upside down.  It HURT-and I NEVER sprain my hyperflexible ankles but this hurt.  I roll them every time I run but this roll resulted in me walking a ways and seeing if it was going to swell.

It did not swell but I definitely felt it for the remaining 15 miles.  I am proud to say that I felt pretty good towards the end.  I was pretty dehydrated but overall good.  This whole run more thing is making me a better "runner" go figure. 

Congratulations to all 70.3 World competitors, IM Wisconsin also and any other races I missed. 

What did you do this weekend?

Have you ever ran on an injury you know you should not have?

Are you a University of Michigan fan? 

Where were you on 9/11?
I was in 8th grade math class.  In fact, I did not even know what the twin towers were or what was happening.  Years later I will never forget seeing them smoking on television.  What a sad day. 

"To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die."

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Greek Yogurt and Sore Legs

I'd like to start by saying that greek yogurt is my favorite food of the moment.  It is really amazing that I enjoy something healthy and I do not wreck it by putting a ton of non-healthy things in it.

My favorite flavor is vanilla and my favorite toppings are blueberries and a pinch or two of granola.  I am so in love with this stuff that I tear through the grocery store to see if it is still in stock every time.  I hate regular yogurt, it is ironic I love the greek style.  This stuff packs 22g of protein per serving!  Holy crap!  I love you greek yogurt.

Speaking of food, the day after my long runs I am a food monster.

This is actually me eating a bagel, banana and drinking a lemonade in the midst of my run haha-woops!  My hunger seems to continue a day or two afterward also.  Yesterday in class after my 3rd bag of food, the guy laughs and says to me, "Hungry much?"  OMG now I am the circus freak.  "Lady who can eat 100lbs. of food at Eastern Michigan University..."

My legs felt incredibly okay the days after my 18 miles on Sunday.  I guess now they have decided to become sore?  DOMS-perhaps-delayed onset muscle soreness-but it seems this is a bit delayed considering it is Wednesday!  I think a 4 mile run I did last night with flash-err Erin was a little faster than I had anticipated and brought on the soreness.

Good luck to all Rev3 participants this upcoming weekend!

Good luck to everyone else racing as well!

And finally, I have been seeing a lot of inspirational videos from YouTube.  This is probably my favorite speech by an athlete of all time...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lemon Loop 5k and a Long Jog

Today I got to volunteer at the local Lemon Loop 5k in Ann Arbor.  My friend/boss Marie put on this race along with Lululemon (LOVE the Lulu clothes, cannot afford them).

Colin did the race, I ran to and from there and sideways all over to somehow manage my long run-which I did accomplish.  It was a small race but lots of familiar faces and awesome people ran.  Colin finished as the 4th overall male. 

Let me go off on a slight tangent about cocky, arrogant people.  I cannot stand them, yet for some reason they are attracted to me.  It is a whole different ball of wax to be PROUD, to be COCKY is unattractive and revolting I think.  I guess I just know so many awesome athletes that are amazing and are the most humble people you'll ever meet.  A cocky passer by approached me on the sidewalk telling me if he wasn't so hungover he could've won the race-uh okay-and after the race a cocky guy was making all sorts of excuses about his race time-eww. 

I have learned through the years, it does not MATTER how good you are/were on this one day during a workout.  It is race day/meet day/game day that matters.  If you cannot pulll it together on that day at that time and at that moment, guess what?  No one wants to hear excuses!


Anyway, off of that tangent, it was a really cool race and Minute Maid Lemonade was offered at the end.  It was nice to endulge in a bagel, banana and a lemonade before taking off for 9 more miles.


I got up at 5 a.m. today to run a few miles before volunteering and before running to the race site with Colin.  Apparently it does not get light out until 6 a.m. or so.  I discovered this as I was running from the weird creeps who patrol the 5:30 a.m. streets after a UM football game.  It got scary at times as a few people slowed down in their cars and passed me more than once.  *Shudder*

It is a great feeling to be able to complete these long runs.  I would have never guessed I would slightly enjoy them.  Really I think I enjoy the abundance of food I can eat all day following them.  I think it's probably the latter...

Happy Labor Day weekend! 


Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm Back!!!

After a few facebook questions regarding my blog, I decided to relaunch!  I really do miss my blogger buddies and I am excited to post and read-when I have time.  After all, it is semester time.

I have really exciting news regarding this fall, I will be running the Detroit Marathon!  The full sha-bang.  The whole darn thing, hopefully.  If you are not familiar with my demise in 2009 on the same course, I blew out my knee at mile 15 and walked the remaining marathon.  It took me 4 hours and 50 excruciating minutes to pirate drag my right knee.  It was horrible.  That will NOT happen again!

Before the knee blow out.  Yes I am really pigeon toed *sigh.  Another reason I did gymnastics, tried to correct that eek!

After the knee blow out, thank you big brother.  He said to me as he picked me up, "Wow you are light!  And you're a stinky little bastard!"  Sibling love.

I also wanted to recap this short race season, triathlon and road race-oh and duathlon that is.  I have pretty much dedicated since April to building a running base.  It worked for a majority of the time, other times it failed, let me describe:

PROUDEST MOMENT:  Crossing the finish line at Muncie.  Although my time was basically the same since 2010, I was highly undertrained going in.  I felt so much more mentally tough on the run, I passed a lot of woggers, although I was one of them for the last 1.5 miles.

BEST PR:  I took 5 minutes off of my olympic distance triathlon in Sylvania this year.  I actually was slower on the swim but took 5 minutes off of the whole thing-during the 10k!  I felt amazing and managed to pass a lot of people.  Never in my life have I been told I look great during the run portion of a tri!

WORST MOMENT OF THE SEASON:  This also came during the Sylvania olympic, I realized I had NO food or anything.  I downed my Gatorade and I think this saved me from a bonk.  I kept waiting for it on the run but it didn't come.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT:  When I involuntarily peed myself at Muncie at mile 10 on the run.  Ewww. 

MOST FUN IN A RACE:  Definitely has to be the Kayla O'Mara Memorial 5k.  I ran awful but I decided to sprint the last 100m, little did I know some former MSU sprinter (a 50 y.o. man!) was right beside me and raced me to the end...I won ;) 

BIGGEST THANKS TO:  Erin.  She has created running training plans for me since April.  She ran alongside me in the Dexter/AA 10k.  She has been a GREAT friend and inspiration for me.  She has made me run, now THAT is a miracle!

Anddddd drum roll please ***

This November I will be waiting like a HAWK online to sign up for Ironman Arizona in 2012. 

In the words of Charlie Sheen, "BRING IT!"