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Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm Back!

After a long break (due to life, school, work and being super busy) I am back.

It was not really my choice to start blogging again, however, I have a class called Writing for the World Wide Web and we are required to use four types of social media that we do not currently participate in.  Blogger came to mind!

Lots of things have been happening since I lasted posted.  First of all, my Christmas present for 2012:

Yep, registration for IMAZ...I guess I will be an Ironman one way or another at the end of this year!!!  I really cannot imagine training this much, going to school full time and working full time in the near future but IM is not for wimps, right?

I have been eating a lot:

Almost busted my left knee cap in half falling on ice for the first time ever in my life this past month:

And I have been running more.

I went to NYC for my 24th (GULP) birthday:

Hope everyone is healthy, happy and training lot!!!


  1. Thanks Julie! I eat a lot, lol. I love to cook/bake too which does not help matters =)