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Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Marathon

Dear Marathon,

You are now less than two weeks away.  I am getting more nervous as you are approaching.  I had a BAD experience with you two years ago and I will not let that happen again dear Marathon. 

You have made my legs hurt, my lungs burn, my lunch come back up and my body feel like crap on Sundays.  You have made my feet really ugly and made my clothes really smelly.  You have made me get up earlier than I've wanted to (most days of the week) and made me run in the rain lately-boo.

But-you have motivated me in so many ways!  You always make me feel better after I get out there and run.  You make me feel like I have a purpose while running.  You have relieved me from school and work related stress, you have made me shed unnecessary pounds I was carrying and you are making me better for triathlons. 

I think about you every day and I cannot wait to meet again on November 5th.  We will have a good date this time marathon =)



  1. Hear hear!!

    Good luck Shelby! You're going to rock it!

  2. The day is rapidly approaching when you two shall meet again! Exciting!

  3. Ha - I always talk to my upcoming marathons too ... you got this! Go get 'em girl!

  4. Thanks everyone! I will need all of the help and luck I can get =)

  5. Don't hold back - Rip it apart, smartly!
    Nothing worse then something like this hanging over your head for a year. Never give up. Crawl if you must!