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Monday, October 3, 2011

What a Weekend!

First of all, congratulations to fellow blogger/friend Leah from Chasing Atalanta on her engagement!  Read the story here it is an awesome story so check it out!

Friday I had a long run then drove 5 hours to Chicago for a Thai Massage certification, part 1 of numerous parts.  BAD idea-do NOT get into a car after a long run.  Your muscles will seize up and feel like bricks.  You will have to stop at every rest area and pee-oh and your legs will feel like $hit the rest of the weekend too.

I have not been to Chicago since I was about 12 years old so I really forgot how beautiful the city is.  I am still a NYC fan (the busier the better for me) but Chicago was pretty cool on it's own.

Have you ever heard of Thai Massage?  The name can be deceiving, considering it is more of a stretching, range of motion series coupled with a few trigger point releases and much more.  Check out this video to learn more.

The guy I took the workshop with is a genius.  Not only does he know every bone, muscle, tendon and ligament in the body without hesitation, he's studied in Thailand for years, has multiple degrees/certifications concerning massage and the human body, and he is an awesome guy.  He works in a hospital performing a 4.5-5 hour sequence to help relieve chronic pain and several other things such as plantar, sciatica, migraines and much more.

Anyone interested in me doing the 1 hour sequence on them, let me know!  I need to do 30 hours before my next class =)

My running schedule took quite a fail these last two weeks with school and work getting in the way.  I had an awesome long run on Friday so that gave me back some self confidence.  

I am officially registered for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on Saturday, Nov. 5th.


I am very disappointed that I cannot run Detroit but I am super excited to still run the 5k, see Colin run the half and several other people run as well.  It honestly gives me more time to run so I can hopefully reach my time goal on Nov. 5th.

And finally, good luck to Erin and Sue who are trying to qualify for the Olympic Trials in Chicago this upcoming Saturday!!!

These are some seriously fast ladies and I am going to be biting my nails to see if they are able to hit the qualifying mark!


  1. Thanks Shelby! It was an amazing day!

    Thai massage? Where do I sign up? I don't do thai massage, but I have taken some shiatsu classes and that's somewhat similar. I might be able to give you some pointers as well as enjoy myself. Are you taking your course at Cortiva?

    Looking forward to seeing you in Detroit and I'm super stoked to cheer on Erin and Sue (and Leo of course) in Chicago.

  2. You are EXACTLY right about driving after a long run. I was in the car about 30 minutes after the Sioux Falls Marathon driving about 9 hours home. Pretty stiff the next day! I ran the Indy Monumental last year ... GREAT RACE! I love Indy - you'll have a blast. Good luck!

  3. I hate driving after any race or training!!!