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Monday, October 17, 2011

Detroit Marathon and Spectating

I was supposed to run this race.  I did not run the marathon.  Boo.

I got to spectate some of my fast friends and also my pregnant friend who ran the half.  Now that is awesome.  She found out she was pregnant about two months ago and never even thought about NOT doing the race, and she finished 15 seconds faster than last year when she was not preggo!  Amazing!

I met up with Melissa who ran a nice half, not a PR for her but great considering her recent traveling/being sick episode...

Colin ran a great race.  He has not been training a lot and some IT band issues have left him with 0 miles lately.  He still managed to pull of a 1:21 half marathon and felt good afterward.  Go Colin!

We saw Leah cruise in for a 3rd place finish overall in the half as well-congrats Leah!  She earned some $ for that one =)

Overall, a good day.  I was supposed to run the 5k but a recent calf issue has left me with a crappy running schedule last week and I decided I'd try and give it a rest.  I don't really want to strain this muscle even worse than it is already three weeks before Indianapolis!

And finally a few random questions for you all to ponder:

Who is your celebrity crush?
I have many, Lance Armstrong really and Tyrese

When was the last time you cried?
When the Secretary of State lady turned me away for the 3rd time which meant no Detroit Marathon for me

What is your middle name?
Jo, I am named after my mom's dad who was a WWII veteran and a great person.  Unfortunately, my middle name is VERY hillbilly-Shelby Jo.  Yikes.


  1. Thanks Shelby!

    My celebrity crush changes all the time, but I've had a soft spot for Bradley Cooper since his Alias days.

    How about crying without actual tears? I totally would have cried happy tears when Leo proposed if not for the fact that I was so dehydrated from the race it made producing actual tears impossible.

    Katherine, after my mom.

  2. I am mad I didnt sign up for that race?

    Was a passport needed to cross the bridge on race day?

    Mine celebrity crush is Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sofia Vega

  3. Hi Shelby! Hope your Wednesday is fantastic!

    Let's see...celebrity crush? I'm competing with millions of other women with The Ryans: Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling. Something about those two....

    I cried a bucket load of tears while watching A Dolphin Tale on Sunday.

    My middle name is Kay. Julie Kay...and that's what my grandma calls me.

  4. Boo for the SOS lady and no marathon.
    You have speedy friends==YAY for Leah! I NEED to see her in action someday.
    Wasn't full out crying but tears came to my eyes when THing 2 clunked me in the side of the face so hard I saw stars. Ouch. Accidental but still.