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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lemon Loop 5k and a Long Jog

Today I got to volunteer at the local Lemon Loop 5k in Ann Arbor.  My friend/boss Marie put on this race along with Lululemon (LOVE the Lulu clothes, cannot afford them).

Colin did the race, I ran to and from there and sideways all over to somehow manage my long run-which I did accomplish.  It was a small race but lots of familiar faces and awesome people ran.  Colin finished as the 4th overall male. 

Let me go off on a slight tangent about cocky, arrogant people.  I cannot stand them, yet for some reason they are attracted to me.  It is a whole different ball of wax to be PROUD, to be COCKY is unattractive and revolting I think.  I guess I just know so many awesome athletes that are amazing and are the most humble people you'll ever meet.  A cocky passer by approached me on the sidewalk telling me if he wasn't so hungover he could've won the race-uh okay-and after the race a cocky guy was making all sorts of excuses about his race time-eww. 

I have learned through the years, it does not MATTER how good you are/were on this one day during a workout.  It is race day/meet day/game day that matters.  If you cannot pulll it together on that day at that time and at that moment, guess what?  No one wants to hear excuses!


Anyway, off of that tangent, it was a really cool race and Minute Maid Lemonade was offered at the end.  It was nice to endulge in a bagel, banana and a lemonade before taking off for 9 more miles.


I got up at 5 a.m. today to run a few miles before volunteering and before running to the race site with Colin.  Apparently it does not get light out until 6 a.m. or so.  I discovered this as I was running from the weird creeps who patrol the 5:30 a.m. streets after a UM football game.  It got scary at times as a few people slowed down in their cars and passed me more than once.  *Shudder*

It is a great feeling to be able to complete these long runs.  I would have never guessed I would slightly enjoy them.  Really I think I enjoy the abundance of food I can eat all day following them.  I think it's probably the latter...

Happy Labor Day weekend! 



  1. I'm so happy you're enjoying your long runs!

    And I'm so sad that my early morning runs are a thing of the past now because it's so dark out. I get way to jumpy when I run in the dark. I once leapt off a sidewalk because I was so startled by a manhole cover.

  2. Ha, yes, I run so I can drink beer and eat food. Simple.

    Lulu clothing, wow, Heather loves it too, she has yet to purchase an article of clothing though haha. Pricey!

    Good on you for volunteering, that is one thing I want to do more of next year, try to give back a bit more.

    Hope your workouts keep going well (enjoying them)!

  3. The worse ones are the people who dont race, but claim they can race and beat you, though they havent seen a pair of running shoes since high school