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Sunday, November 20, 2011

At What Point?

At what point should you consider yourself a runner?
I think this answer varies with everyone, as does how to interpret a book and so forth.

I am a very black or white person so the grey area is hard for me to imagine.
When do you consider yourself a runner? 

For me, this answer is simple.  I am NOT a runner.  I ran track in highschool, I was a 400 meter girl.  I still never felt like a "runner." 

 I have a time goal in mind (as we all do) but I don't think I'll ever achieve that.  If I ever do, maybe I will call myself a runner.  Are you a runner if you only run marathons?  If you just love to run?  If you can run sub 6 minute miles?  If you run over 100 miles/week?  When are you a runner?

Since I cannot answer any of these questions, my answer remains the same, I am not a runner.

What do you guys think?

For some reason, I have always considered myself a cyclist.  Let me elaborate here, I am NOT the fastest cyclist in the world.  I will say that most of my victories in triathlon do come from the bike portion but I am not the fastest. 

I think that I just love biking and I love my bike.  I never even thought twice about calling myself a cyclist or when I should start?  I know that road cyclists may disagree, but I still consider cycling my love and passion. 

Maybe that is what happens when you love to run?  You just call yourself a runner? 

Ahh, the mysteries of life!


  1. I just borrowed the Run Less Run Faster book from the library. I read about running...therefore I AM a runner.

    I own running shoes...and I wear them...sometimes while moving fairly swiftly...therefore I AM a runner.

    While taking my dog for a run, I feel out of breath and like I am running as fast as is humanly possible. I look down and the pooch still looks like she's walking. Hmmmm...

    Yep. I'm a runner.
    I've run, therefore I am.

  2. You run, their fore your a runner, I get what your thinking, but your still a runner

  3. The difference between a runner and a jogger is that a jogger still has control over their lives.