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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beer Binges, Woops

This upcoming Saturday marks exactly two weeks after my marathon.  It also marks exactly one week from the time that I really pulled the $hit out of my right calf, hamstring and glute *sighhh.

I was feeling so motivated and I biked on Saturday, ran 4 miles on Sunday (along with biking again) and then decided it was necessary that I do some light handstands/flips. 

I'm not sure why I do this, EVERY TIME I get inured!  I am too old to flip anymore on hard surfaces.  I feel like it is an acquired skill that I never want to take for granted though.  I mean it's a cool party trick!

The sad part is, I was feeling particularly motivated to run a few days after my marathon.  That is the addiction of endurance sports, right?  "I could have gone faster."  "I can do so much better."  "That wasn't good enough."  Crap!

I braved the pool, the weight room and even the local brewery.  I decided that since my leg muscle was out of commission, my esophagus was not. 

And I may have ended up doing a little of this...

Or a lot...

Okay so no AA meetings soon for me.  I woke up this morning feeling miraculously better and I think I'll attempt a little 2-3 mile run realll slow. 

Pull it together Shelby!  I am trying!

What is your post race guilt?

Have you ever re injured yourself right after a race and been down for the count for a while?


  1. When I read about the flips, I was thinking, "the last time she blogged about flips, didnt she hurt herself?"

    I just got founf some motivation to train again, a month after my season ended.

  2. Flips on hard or soft surfaces should be avoided. Unless of course, pancakes are involved.

    Just got turned onto your blog. Look forward to following your travels.