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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nothing to do with Swimming, Running or Biking

Last night we lost an all time great, a legend, not only a boxing legend but a real example of what a humble athlete and man should be in life.  Joe Frazier lost his battle with liver cancer.  He died at the age of 67.

If you are not familiar with Joe Frazier, you should be.  You should also see what boxing used to be.  These men ruled the world.  The most famous fights were between him and Muhammad Ali where he beat him once in 1971 and lost to him two other times including Thrilla in Manila, one of the most famous fights and sporting events in the world.

Ali was the mouthy, show pony champion, relentlessly taunting Frazier calling him "ugly" and a "gorilla" among other things.  Frazier was a silent, stern champion who proved what he had to do in the ring.  Check out him knocking down Ali below:

Ali even had a gorilla doll he carried around and punched during interviews which he pretended was Joe Frazier.

Whether you like boxing or not, these men made it something special back then.  They were champions for years, fought long and hard fights and brought excitement to the sport.  They really helped make sports what they are today.  They fought for their titles, equality, to support their families and so much more.

Ali and Frazier finally reconciled their differences years after their fights.  Frazier finally forgave Ali for taunting him and they became friends of sorts.

Rest in peace Joe Frazier, your achievement, humility and courage will always be remembered!


  1. He's a legend and class act for sure. RIP Joe Frazer.

  2. Thanks for you comments on my blog certainly brightens my day! And I must say every time I come to your blog your beautiful header pick takes my breath away-I bet she is a smooth ride!! =)

    I love the old school boxing. It's certainly not what it used to be. I used to want to be a boxer! Can you imagine? I actually still kind of do. I think I would feel so good after beating someone to a pulp--in a fair fight! I think I could do really well because I would be motivated to NOT GET HIT! That scares me!! HA!

    RIP Joe-what an exemplary athlete.