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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Respect the Marathon-Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Race Report

WHOA-I'm alive. 

That was my first thought today that ran through my head quite frequently after I finished this race.

First of all people who love marathons are seriously crazy.  That shit hurts-I don't care who you are and how tough you claim to be-if it doesn't hurt a LOT-maybe you aren't trying hard enough...but...I can't imagine 26.2 relatively pain free miles of anything especially running!

Indianapolis is a cool city and my dad and I stayed at a cool hotel.  The Crowne Plaza is located conveniently two blocks from the start/finish area and 1/2 a block away from the convention center.  Did I mention it's an old train station converted to a hotel and conference center?

They even have box cars that are now converted into rooms!  We didn't stay in one unfortunately but someday for sure.

If you need advice on how not to run a marathon, ask me.  Here are the ways to not run a marathon as I learned today:
  • Get little sleep the night before because loud children are playing in the hallway until 1 a.m. along with your father who snores like a grizzly bear in the bed next to you who is also an insomniac
  • Go out 10 seconds faster per mile for the first 10k of your race and not realize it because you are really bad at math!
  • Run your first 13.1 way too hard and skip 6-7 aid stations because they are super short, crowded and come at you out of nowhere (my major complaint about this race!)
  • Have your stomach not accept anything the whole race so just give up on eating anything
Any more advice?  I'm sure I could give you more!

Jim I STOLE this from Google only to find out it is from your site haha!  Woops =)

Overall, the race was pretty cool, I'm not too picky about races in general.  We did get a cool shirt and the volunteers were awesome.  It was a small race so it was lonely at times but that really doesn't bother me considering there's virtually no one at triathlons anyway. 

Some asshole tried to pull out into the road and intentionally hit runners!  I could not believe it, it happened right in front of me.  An angry runner ran up to the car, punched off his side mirror and tried to break his window.  The idiot sat there honking at everyone in his car-hello there's a MARATHON going on dude!  Oh some people!

The course was flat and had a lot of support actually but like I said the aid stations came up soo quick and were pretty short.  Maybe I'm just not pushy enough?  I paid for this later! 

I'm alive, I ran a marathon, my knee didn't blow out this time and I survived.  Did I run my goal time?  No.  In fact, the last 10k crashed my pace-which is ordinary I hear for a marathon.  Do I want to do another one?  Hell no, only at the end of an Ironman. 

Nothing but respect for the distance AND the awesome studs I know who dominate this!  It was a good experience but someone has been calling my name from bike room lately...


  1. Ha - congrats on getting through it! Everything you said was exactly the same last year - I even specifically remember A LOT of cars honking at runners. My guess is that they don't get the word out to Indy folks that there will be a race. And the waterstops were the same too. In my first few marathons I ran them like you did. I was really disappointed with my time, and I now take a different approach - it's not as bad as you think! ha And no worries on the picture - it's funny, when I saw it, I thought "Man, that was cheap, they gave the same shirt as last year!" Have a great weekend and congrats again!

  2. Thanks Jim! I am glad that others have made the same mistakes as me. There's always next time, right???

  3. Congrats!!!! I can't believe the creep in the car! Some people. hmphhh.
    I heard that people put out tacks in the road on the bike course at Canada this year, too. What is WRONG WITH PEOPLE????

  4. CONGRATS!!!!

    - I cant believe that guy would be so freaking evil, where were the cops!! I hope he got arrested

    - I agree, its hurts, though all I can say is that 13.1 hurts, I cant imagine doubling the pain

  5. I hate people who don't respect races. Drives me bonkers. Anyway, came over from Double Jogger Diaries to read your recap! I know a few people who ran this marathon, and it sounds like they are on the right track, just making adjustments as they grow. Congrats!

  6. Congrats! Yes, marathons, even on the best day are hard. If it makes you feel any better, you're not alone in making those mistakes.
    Seeing your awesome bike makes me want a new one...hope she didn't hear that. : )

  7. WOW!!! Congrats MARATHONER!!!! Ok, so honestly, how do you feel about doing this at the end of an Ironman? I was DEAD for 13.1 after a 70.3. I have no clue how/if I would survive an Ironman. Probably not!

    I can't believe the idiot honking at the runners! That is awesome about the runner who went Crazed Marathon on his A$%! That is just ridiculous!

    Awesome job!! We'll see how soon you decide to do another! I think they kind of get in your blood!