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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Betsy Butt and Burning Body

Betsy and I had a GLORIOUS reunion!  I set her up on her trainer right in front of the big screen in the living room and we rode an amazing 30 minutes yesterday and today.  I said to Betsy, "We have to get fast so we can do well at Arizona."  Betsy silently agreed.  Betsy is like my trusty horse who will never leave my side.

She said she is excited to be decked out in her racing gear and she wants me to stop neglecting her for my running shoes. 

She did tell me that she is excited to be out of bike room and that she likes to see daylight every once in a while.

Betsy I have MISSED you! 

Okay, enough on Betsy.  Today marks exactly the 8th day since the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon.  It also marks my first run since the race.  I honestly thought that my legs would be okay.  My legs were not okay.  My lungs were not okay.  My stomach was doing flips.

But, I did it and after my week long binge of simple sugar, alcohol and sitting around, it felt SO good to work up a sweat.

On a random note, Erin and I have decided to do a Christmas bake-a-thon.  We will include the following recipe:

If you are interested in checking out the website that we got this bad boy recipe from, check it out!

Oh and do not forget to check out the recipe itself!

Our list of foods will include several other things.  We have not really narrowed it down, as we are game for anything that is probably highly caloric and highly simple sugar.

Any suggestions?  Let us know =)

What did you guys do this weekend?
Solved people's pain through exercise, drank wine and stayed up too late

What is your FAVORITE holiday dessert?
Oooh since dessert is my main food group...I'd have to say...fancy popcorn


  1. Do you know awesome it would be if a bike really could talk? It would totally eliminate the need for scooters! Keep running, you'll feel better. Have a great week!

  2. Hey Jim, bikes do talk, thats why triathletes treat them better then anything else they own.

  3. Lol it would totally eliminate the need for people too ;) JK-kind of!

    Yes Betsy is every bit of a person to me as anoyone else, love that girl!

  4. It's always best when they silently agree....ha!
    Love the bake a thon! I'm a bakathon veteran! If I didn't give them up, I would no longer fit out the door. I do love them though.
    Rockefeller center skating fee: $19
    Central Park: $16
    Skate rental is at least another $10
    CP even charges a spectator fee. Argh!

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